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$335 Per Month. Fees are associated with this program, and are expected prior to service.



Universal Satori Learning Center also provides a quality, early childhood experience to preschool children, with a curriculum for children's growth and school readiness through Academics, play, exploration, discovery and guided learning. This program is open to children ages to 3-5 years old.

2016-2017 Enrollment & Registration Information


USLC strives to create an emotionally and physically safe environment for all students, every day, when parents are working or attending school.  The program includes a nutritious snack, homework support and academic activities that link to the Texas State Standards. Enrichment activities are an important part of the program and include fine arts, science, literature, physical activity, sports, crafts and cooperative games. Children enjoy these activities as well as other special events, guest speakers and field trips during our full day vacation camps.  The cost of admission for the vacation camps is required upon registration. Please note that for the safety of our students, all staff provide supervision during field trips; therefore, school sites will be closed on field trip days.


Children are supervised by our Extended Day Program Staff. These staff include site Leads, who are responsible for the daily site operations, Program Assistants, Program Aides and Student Aides. Staff is employees of Universal Academy or Universal Satori Learning Center, and has met the District and CPS's hiring criteria and must maintain their CPR/First Aid certification. To benefit our school community, we require that all employees are able to demonstrate positive behavior techniques with children. All staff members are also required to attend ongoing in-service training programs.


Children in Pre-Kindergarten through High school currently enrolled in Universal Academy or a School District that is serviced by Universal Academy are eligible to participate in the Extended Day Program.


Fees provide the salaries for the staff, daily snacks, and all other expenses for the program. We understand that consistency is important for children, so to ensure that your child's program continues without any disruption, please note our billing policies below.

  • A two-week written notice is required when dropping from the program.
  • Program fees are billed in advance of services and accounts must be kept current. For your convenience, fees have been pro-rated to cover the entire school year and are charged regardless of the hours or days your child attends.
  • Fees are payable on the 25th of the preceding month in advance of services. Fees not received by the due date are subject to a late charge of $25 and your account becomes past due. There is a 5-day grace period before the late charge of $25 is applied to your account. Immediate payment in full will be required for your child to remain in the Extended Day Program.  Please avoid disruption in your child's program by ensuring payments are made by the due date.
  • Outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to re-enrolling in program
  • Delinquent accounts are referred to a licensed collection agency.

Extended Day Program Practices

  • So that we may be adequately prepared for the day, please call the Extended Day Site Lead if your child is absent from school.
  • For the safety of our students, parents or their designee must sign their child (ren) out daily - without exception. Please do not list Extended Day staff on the student registration form as "authorized individuals" to pick child (ren) up from program. Please see your site Lead to update in writing, your child's emergency information.
  • For the safety and comfort of your children, please do not drop off until the Extended Day site opens and be prompt in picking children up by closing.
  • It is in the best interest of our students that they are picked up on time. A $25.00 late pickup fee will be charged for the first 15 minutes and a $25.00 additional fee will be added every 30 minutes until the student is picked-up. Parents are required to sign the late journal when picking up children after closing. In addition to the late fee, parents picking up their child (ren) past closing time three times in a school year period may lose the privilege of participating in the program.
  • Staff will contact an adult listed on the registration when child (ren) are not picked up by 15 minutes past closing time. If by one hour past closing time and no authorized adult has come to pick up the child (ren), authorities will be notified.
  • Your child's safety is our priority. Should a designated adult arrive to pick up a child and appear to be in any condition that might endanger the child, staff will contact another authorized adult for pick up.
  • Our positive behavior practices help ensure an emotionally and physically safe environment for all of our students. Extended Day staff promotes respect between staff, parents and students. Our culture is based on these four Respect Rules:
    Respect Yourself
    Respect Others
    Respect Materials
    Take Responsibility for Your Actions
  • Positive validations are used to reinforce desired behaviors. In addition, a Color Chart behavior system is used with systematic consequences designed to reinforce desired behaviors and to eliminate undesirable ones. Children who need extra support to be successful in the program may be placed on an individual contract. Parents will be contacted; the specifics of the contract reviewed and agreed upon with both parent and student signatures. USLC's goal is for every student to experience success in the program. However, with continued violation of the Respect Rules, children may lose the privilege of participating in the program.
  • During our summer camp program, the fees to offset field trip costs are billed conveniently to your account. Field trips are an incentive for respectful behavior; therefore, in the interest of safety, children demonstrating inappropriate behavior will not be permitted to attend field trips.
  • Although Extended Day is not part of the instructional school day, we strive to offer a welcoming environment to all students. This includes students with special needs, as long as their needs can be reasonably accommodated. Our goal is to create an emotionally and physically safe environment for all children; therefore, admission to the program occurs following a thoughtful process to determine whether the USLC setting is an appropriate placement for the child's extended day needs.
  • Parents/Guardians may not solicit program staff to provide childcare for child (ren) outside of Extended Day hours.
  • Mutual respect and professional relationships must be maintained between parents and staff. It is not our intent to prevent parents from expressing their views, but we must avoid scenes, which upset the children, disrupt our activities or adversely affect the respect for and rapport between children and staff. Violation of this standard may result in termination of the child from the program
  • Extended Day cannot be responsible for toys or personal belongings brought from home. Children are reinforced for respecting other's property; however if a child damages personal or public property, parents are held financially responsible.
  • For the safety of the children in the program, please do not send your child to the Extended Day Program for the duration of any communicable illness
  • For the safety of our students, overseeing medication for children shall be done only when:
  • Medication cannot be adjusted so that all doses are given at home
  • Administration has been requested and approved by the student's parent/guardian
  • The appropriate physician forms are on file at the site.
  • For the safety of the children in the program, please do not send your child to the Extended Day Program for the duration of any communicable illness.
  • In an emergency, program staff will make every effort to contact the parent or designee. If unable to do so, the parent signature on the registration form gives permission for administering first aid and/or emergency treatment that is in the child's best interest. Parents are responsible for payment of emergency medical treatment. In an emergency, staff will do the following
  • Injury
  • Call parent at work/home
  • Call 911 as appropriate
  • Late Pick Up

Call emergency contact numbers or authorities as appropriate if the student has not been picked up 15 minutes after program closes. Parents will be charged a $25.00 late pick up fee after the first 15 minutes. A $25.00 additional fee will be added every 30 minutes until the student is picked-up. If the Parent is late more than three times in one school year the student will be removed from the program and no fees are refunded.


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