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Restricted bus services are available. For more information call 972-459-3000.


$335 Per Month. Fees are associated with this program, and are expected prior to service.



Universal Satori Learning Center also provides a quality, early childhood experience to preschool children, with a curriculum for children's growth and school readiness through Academics, play, exploration, discovery and guided learning. This program is open to children ages to 3-5 years old.

• Parent Guardian Contract

• Notice of Withdrawal


Parents, please remember that it is your responsibility to submit this form to the USLC Main Office at least 48 hours before the activity starts. Please fill out the form completely and send it to the office or give it to one of the USLC Instructors at your child's campus. It is vital that this form is completed and returned to USLC Instructors in order for your child/children to attend activities safely. When a child has an after school activity, any after-school campus activity, the child must check in with their USLC Instructor before going to an activity in order to avoid being considered absent. If the USLC Instructor does not have a Teacher Time/School Activity form on file the child will not be allowed to attend the activity. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Helping a teacher in the classroom 
  • Tutoring
  • Clubs (Any/All) 
  • Choir
  • Choir Programs 
  • Scouts (only if held on campus)
  • Guitar
  • Golf 
  • Safety Patrol 
  • Student Leadership
  • WE CARE  
  • Ballet
  • Christmas Performance 
  • Talent Show 

After you have completely filled out the Parent Contract and the teacher has also signed it please bring the completed form to the office at 1001 Sandy Lake Rd., Coppell, Texas75019.



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